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A Second Life Dance Company

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Last Updated On:  December 1, 2019

December 14th @ 7p SLT       December 15th @ 5p SLT

December 14th @ 12p SLT

Upcoming Shows

Make plans with us ahead of time!

DX is a dance troupe that performs in the virtual game called Second Life and was founded by Wild Catnap in May of 2014.  It is currently under the leadership of Dejaye Barracuda.  Our theater is located on the LLopango sim and we perform one home show per month as well as appearances throughout Second Life.

DX performs music and dance from all genres and eras, and our shows are either themed or variety.  Our talented designers and choreographers create a vision that our dancers bring to life with their style and grace.  Our goal is to present a moving performance for anyone who sees it.

Please visit any of the above links to learn more about the Dance Xcetera Team and we hope to see you at a show real soon!

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